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Mezzanine Systems

Mezzanine System are flexible multi-tier open surfaces, suited both for commercial and industrial applications as well as two-tier and three-tier suspended walkways which are dedicated structures for high density racking applications.

Key features:

·         galvanised profiles;

·         structural components produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steels in accordance with EN10204 standards;

·         easy and fast assembly;

·         modular approach: installations can be enlarged and or modified at a later stage;

·         efficient beam profiles capable of reaching up to 7m in open spans;

·         availability of a wide range of standardised accessories.

Odoo • Image and Text

Suspended Walkways

Walkways are built between the aisle to make hand picking effortless.All of our products are manufactured from the highest quality structural steel materials. To keep the structure components as unobtrusive as possible we select materials that optimize strength while also providing toughness for real world abuse resistance in the fast paced world of manufacturing and distribution. The Pre-Fabricated Steel structure can easily be dismantled, resized or relocated.


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