Display & Shop Fitting

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Shop Fitting

We provide Professional solutions for the best possible shopping experience in attractive and functional sale areas that value the purchasing experience and simplify the payment process.

We offer shelving with a generous choice of components and accessories. Displayed products are showcased in environments that can be diversified through an ample choice of display configurations and finishes.

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Innovative Checkout Counters

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Key features:

      ·         Distinctively creative structures and systems;

      ·         All in one: functional, versatile and stylish or simply “made in              Italy”;

       ·         Customisation for points of sale of varying dimensions;

       ·         Advanced design logic thanks to the innovative, practical and               efficient design;

        ·         Dynamic evolution from one to six classes of product to                         respond to changing market applications.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
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